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Welcome to my writing desk where I share snippets of ideas and stories that I've written. I have so many incomplete books, and single chapters and random ideas littering the writing folder of my laptop, so I figured I might as well put them to good use and establish some credibility as a writer online.... Continue Reading →

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Songs for the Heavy Soul

All the words used in this collection of poems are lyrics from songs. To me music is fundamental to expressing emotion and the feelings of depression often escape expression. Using the lyrics of songs, I tried to capture those feelings and arrange them into poetry so they may be expressed. For Chester Bennington    ... Continue Reading →

The Fool

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus. I've been super busy writing the first draft of my short story "The Fool" for my creative writing class. So, in apology, here is a sneak preview of the first 1000(+) words:     “Let’s do something,” Kris said to me over the phone. “Do something? What do you have... Continue Reading →

One Hundred Miles

If I could, I would fly to you tonight on great silver wings. I’d soar over the sparkling blue waters, my wings making waves in the still, shimmering lakes. The distance keeping us apart would disappear in a few beats of my powerful limbs. I’d wrap you in my arms and hold you near. I’d... Continue Reading →

To Marion, with Love

“It’s so and so’s birthday today, let her know you’re thinking of her.” Thinking of her? I’m always thinking of her. Well, no that’s a lie. But she’s always in my dreams. Nearly every night without fail she’ll appear like a commercial jingle you just can’t shake. Stuck in my head, she’s been home there... Continue Reading →


Round face, round body, round hair but where was the round personality? Round eyes stare at me expectantly. I direct his attention to the pin pad. Specks of grime litter his shirt - like a starry night sky - evidently a hard working man. He answers with grunts or not at all when I speak.... Continue Reading →

Through the Fire

The red and orange flames that encompassed and licked the exterior hull of a ship as it entered a planet’s atmosphere always made me feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, the same did not occur as we accelerated to escape the Steia’s gravity. I watched from my cabin’s window as the blue of the atmosphere slowly faded into... Continue Reading →

Disease of Darkness

“Wait, where are you going?” he says, catching me by the arm. I shake off his touch and look down. Pulling my cloak tighter around my body I take a breath and say, “The black disease has spread too far in me for me to be healed. I must leave to protect you all. I... Continue Reading →

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